Zibang's Metal pack thing - Turbomosh

Please send me metal files and help my unmotivated ass to finish this thing :mrgreen: I’ll start crying for gfx and shit once I feel I have enough files (even though half of them are like rereleases at this point loo0o0o0ol)


my discord is Zibang#9299 send files there also dumps are ok


I will try my best to make a file because I feel like charting something

can’t wait to play cattle decap, vektor and origin!!!

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In this very great announcement I announce that the pack will be called Turbomosh. It’s an in-joke.

I’m also kind of warming up to the idea of charting again. Maybe I’ll get something done over the weekend myself.

Also I apparently need to make quite a bit of files if I don’t want the pack to be half rereleases at the time of release.

Okay well, this pack will probably never be properly released. Lost motivation ages ago, I have no will to play the game or chart, and there’s fucktons of missing gfx which I don’t feel like doing. There’s plenty of good files here so I might make a collection of those just so people can enjoy some metal charts. I’m really sorry for this, really tried to push myself to finish it but I just can’t be arsed.

My apologies again for everyone who submitted charts.

don’t feel u bad u did ur best and thats what matters

at this point i dont think people will really mind lack of gfx ( ?) but its ur call to make

Cancelled pack