Zetaposting: Ultimate Gaming Edition (Quest for D∞)

Hey! I’m Zeta. Welcome to my GAMING journey. I started playing Etterna about 3 years ago after coming from FFR and SM5. I’ve been focusing on stepping and improvement in the game and have been pushing myself in the past month harder than ever. Here are some scores to give you an idea of where I’m at. Enjoy.

Really high potential for a gamer FC here. Intro was balls but I feel like I have a decent chance at getting a better score on this in the near future.

Really baller PA here with 3 cb’s. Not much to say except this score is really clean, want to get a solid 1.05 sometime soon.

The patterning in this file does not mess around at all. Pretty proud of this score here hoping to get 1.05 soon.

Really really easy beginning with a really difficult mid-ending section. This file is pretty relentless after it thinks you got used to easy patterns, it throws you off completely in the later sections.

Pretty horrible SD here hoping to improve this soon, pretty up my alley and super stamina intensive.

Just some scoreposting.

Pretty cool jack score, enjoyed this file a lot even if it got pretty horrible. Reminds me of a midare file which is I think what the chart was going for.

Super clean Cicadidae, hoping I can maybe improve this sometime in the near future. Maybe even 1.05. Honestly was my cbcount that carried me.

One of my best scores to date, have to live up to the name of Zeta here. #1 on highest rate and 1.0.

Pretty intense near the end when you thought it was over it just keeps draining your stamina.

Not horrible, could probably 1.15 this in the future, cute 32nds with a lot of roughness around the edges.

This file is absurd and I honestly have no clue how I did this. Might be able to improve this score soon? I’m fine on the 32nds but honestly the 48ths tear me up.

Pretty decent jack score, I enjoyed this file a lot, difficult patterning and lots of little things that throw you off.

This file is just one of those unforgettable files, you really need some coffee fingers to pull this one off.

I do have a .95 on this but am not posting it because honestly this is more impressive. The fact I had this kind of combo was impressive to me.

Pretty fun file, the jumptrills throw you off and all sorts of difficult patterning. Decent.

Really threw this one out the window at the ending, just like everyone when playing this file.

Pretty cute file, not much to say about this one. Creative patterning and enjoyable atmosphere.

Hoping to reach 0.95 on this in the near future, the speed on this one just gets exponentially harder with half rates.

Pretty abrasive SD here, hoping to improve this soon. Heavy push score.

Fun file here, streams that are difficult to read while also keeping you on edge. Cool experience here.


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