Zetaposting: Accuracy Adventure Edition (Quest for Decency)

Hey! I’m Zeta. Welcome to my accuracy journey! I recently got into working on my accuracy about 3 months ago and have been slowly improving. Hopefully to get a few technical quads by next year! Enjoy.

Pretty proud of this score, quadded the polyjacks and probably won’t do that again in any near run. Probably won’t play this file for a while.

Fantastic file, shame I reversed choked a few perfects near the beginning. Can probably clutch a .90 by the end of the year.

Quadded the 48th flams in the middle of the file on sightread, honestly was pretty shocked about this score. Probably won’t be playing this one for a while.

Pretty funny laugh track score here. .89 on '89. I quadded the really dumb 32nd burst here which I did on sightread, probably won’t come close to this for a while unless I can clutch a few more marvelouses before that section.

Was asked by Tim to play this file, honestly got a way better score than I expected. Pretty happy about this one here. Re-AAA’d this a while back with .01% lower than this score.

Pretty sad it wasn’t an SDP but you can’t win 'em all. This is a pretty fun file to train stream accuracy. Don’t care much to play this file again.

One of my better SDP’s, pretty happy with a .93 on this and I hope to quad it soon.

Pretty tough to do accuracy on this one for it’s speed, happy with the MA, could be improved sometime soon hopefully.

Pretty baller MFC for a while, shame I choked it in the end. Can probably quad this by next year.

Fairly difficult technical file, want to improve on this but have choked numerous times. Will probably attempt this again by next week.

This one is decent, not much really to say about it other than that it’s improvable.

Choked the SDP here, could probably quad this next year. Pretty fun accuracy file and high potential for a clean score.

Split a few things in the late middle which costed me my SDP. Pretty fun stream file, could improve on this later.

The curse yet again of 10p, can probably get in the .9 range here within this month.


eat pant score accurate

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