Zails' Chordjack Monstrosities

So my first pack wasnt well recieved, and rightfully so. it was a convert pack that was completely buggy and even crashed etterna on multiple occasions. i have taken all of the chordjack files from that pack and turned it into this. hopefully you all like it, i had some people check it over and they said it looked good so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

We have some 120bpm jack to 210bpm in this pack. from 15msd to 36msd, so good luck with that.

Some of the files in the pack

For some reason sometimes when im playing the offset is messed up, but when i reload the song its fine. I’ve decided to release it assuming this is a bug that only affects me since nobody I’ve given the pack to so far has said anything about this. but if this is a bug that you experience please let me know, and even better if you know how to solve it.