XingRen's Megapack vol.5 & Extrastage release!

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Finally it comes!
XingRen’s Megapack vol.5 contains chinese song only (plus a few songs can be heard everyday) , and Extrastage include all my charts not in XingRen’s Megapack or Mug Dreams (mostly from Malody Community).
So here is the song list:
XingRen’s Megapack vol.5

XingRen’s Megapack Extrastage

Special thanks to SnowPh , teradora , bOOmUshrOOm , siqod , Yi_Hui , ExNeko , luyzi , zino for your charts !
And this will be the end of XingRen’s Megapack , last year lots of things happened and im slowly quit rhythm games ,maybe see you in another series :wink:

Click here to download XingRen’s Megapack vol.1-5 & Extrastage

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