Xcaliboor Megapack Release


Hello there. I want to introduce Xcaliboor Megapack. Xcaliboor is an osu!mania player with great amount of beautiful maps, so I wanted to share them with you. Many of the maps have broken bpm, that I couldn’t fix, but trust me, they’re still playable. I’ve only fixed offsets where it was possible and made many BNs. I spend a lot of time doing this, so I hope this will be ranked! Be ready for many handstream oriented patterns, some jacks and dumps. Also there are some meme maps, that are fun to play. Try them all!

Notable maps:
Beautiful Lies - Fast streams
Bunny Hop Jumper - Handstreams
For the Win - Jumpstreams
L.L.L. - Handstreams with 24th Jumpstreams
Thanks for the Memories - Fast dumps
We Are (and) White Rabbit - Similar style JS/HS with some 24th Streams
Any other file is on your own!


Cool of you for sharing his works, but is he okay with this?

Yes, I asked him, he is more than agree.

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Holy shit Xcaliboor was what I used to call the osu mania icyworld. Most of his files were really really good

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to be honest, there, in etterna, his files is not as playable as in osu…


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