Worse Accuracy, Better Score?

While I was combing through some of my best plays in each category, I found Chad’s Lullaby to be my best Handstream rating. I got curious, and decided to look through its leaderboards:

2-Z C.H.A.D.'s Lullaby

When I actually looked through said leaderboard, though, the listing is anomalous. There is a group of players who are in a % range of accuracy (95.34% - 96.36%) that somehow gets a better score than players with 96.5% accuracy or higher, despite using the same rate.

It’s not like the scores are illegitimate or anything…

…so is there some weird flaw in the scoring algorithm here? I know earned score is supposed to cap out at 96.5% accuracy, but why can a lower percentage along the way result in a higher score? There’s no logical reason why my play should be rewarded more heavily than a play with 1 perfect.

After looking through some of my best handstream plays, I ended up finding some more leaderboards that showcase similar behavior. You can easily see the effects by only showing scores achieved under 1.0x rate, and sorting by score instead of WIFE accuracy.

EXEC_ViiBaCi_MjiiiRa (4-key Hard)
2-R Betus Blues RETRO (Challenge)
Neurotoxin (Hard)
Second Heaven