Why does it feel like Etterna is off for me?

For already a week of playing Etterna, I felt like something was wrong with how I setup the game because it felt like the notes appeared earlier than the actual beat/rhythm of the song. I don’t really know where to start because after playing osu!mania for around 3 weeks (I am not really sure how long I played because I was playing on and off) and I realized that when I hit notes in osu!mania it feels more in sync. Keep in mind, I don’t know much about judgment systems in Etterna but one thing I did notice was that when I tried to use the clap sound as an assist, the clap sound was off but was in sync with the notes. However, the clap was completely off by a little from the music. Is this really a matter of accuracy, because when I do hit marvelous’ in Etterna I come back to osu!mania on the same maps just to realize that notes appear later (and in sync with music) and I keep hitting 100s and 200s in osu!m.

you should try to go to options, to input options, then to calibrate audio sync


omg no way this helped :DD thank you so much now I can play the game without any problems. Thanks for helping me out.