Who Demanded Another One (Ft. JAiZ)


Hello!! This is my second ever pack to be released!! This time, my friend JAiZ let me use some of his songs that he never got around to publishing, so I get to do that now.

This pack features 17 songs. 8 by me, and 9 by JAiZ. Here’s the song list.

  • Aci-L - 45 (Charted by Me) (Epilepsy Warning)

  • Ghost - Camellia (Charted by Me) (Beat Saber Gameplay by Me)

  • Hard Head - Gloopys (Charted by Me)

  • Hello (BPM) 2021 - Camellia (Charted by Me. Not intended to be possible)

  • Ludicrous Speed (Fvrwvrd’s Deathcore Remix) - F-777, Fvrwvrd, Infant Annihilator (Charted by Me)

  • We Could Get More Machinegun Psystyle! (And More Genre Switches) (Fvrwvrd Remix) - Camellia, Fvrwvrd (Charted by Me)

  • Weeaboo Spookfest - ReeK (Charted by Me) (Beat Saber Gameplay by Me)

  • Witchcraft - Pendulum (Charted by Me) (Beat Saber Gameplay by Me)

  • From Nothing - Kayla (Charted by JAiZ and Kayla)

  • 16 Nights Is A Long Time - ??? (Charted by JAiZ)

  • Armageddon (LeaF Remix) - ZUN, LeaF (Charted by JAiZ)

  • Flight Of The Bumblebee - ??? (Charted by JAiZ)

  • Giant Enemy Spider (Fluxxy Remix) - Jerma985, Fluxxy (Charted by JAiZ) (Contains note gimmicks, X-mod recommended)

  • Jingle Bell Rock (Callie Mae Cover) - Kaki/Callie Mae (Charted by JAiZ)

  • Morshu RTX ON Beatbox but its vocoded to Gangstas Paradise - Memnicus, Coolio, L.V. (Charted by JAiZ

  • Peppersteak (xGravity Remix) - OFF, xGravity (Charted by JAiZ) (Contains note gimmicks, X-mod recommended)

  • Tune Out - Azrael (Charted by JAiZ)

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this pack as much as I had fun making it!! If you have any criticisms or you just wanna chat, my discord is Alexx#3606

Thanks and have fun!!
Download here!!