Which St. Scarhand is better? - the poll

Which one is more fun to play?

  • Zaghurim’s St. Scarhand
  • IcyWorld’s St. Scarhand

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They’re both horrible please don’t play them.


this is the correct answer

You’re actually dumb if you think Zaghurim’s Scarhand is bad.

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It is dogshit, it gains brownie points for being slightly more interesting than icys but manages to trash them all by having all the longjacks on one hand.

icy his scarhand is better, more epic, and all around way more fun.
though, scarhand is a really good bmscore track, so no matter which one you play it’s always fun to listen to it

I’m into longjacks generally but zag scarhand is just the kind of file where the rest is piss easy and the jacks just make it unrateable so yea icy scarhand while not my favorite file at least has lasting appeal for me

icy’s scarhand is
the best around
it is amazing and anyone who says otherwise has been bribed by the chinese government

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fucking normies found the poll


If you don’t like the jack, you’re gonna get the smack.


Zag’s Scarhand has better JS but he puts random-ass patterns that make no sense which ruin the file in it. Icy’s js is weaker by comparison, but overall the file is better because it’s more consistent.