What would you like to see in an Etterna theme?

I’m doing this to keep basically every idea in one board.

Ideas posted here, if realistic (i.e. not touching C++ as much/often), will be added to a theme in the (possibly near) future.

I want to actually get Quark done, and make something the entire community will like for once.

If you’re interested in giving ideas, please post here.

Ideas that have already been noted are in this kanban board.

Modern theme with acrylic/frosted glass styling. Something that just blows all the other themes out of the water, I can supply mockups as needed. Another main thing I’d like to see added is either high resolution icons or svg icons.

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feature complete mspaint theme

a good mouse UX that you dont even want to touch your keyboard again to navigate into anything.

also a better music visualizer.

Something that is both aesthetically pleasing and fast / intuitive to navigate.
It can look the best but if I have to spend more than a minute going through menus and transition animations just to play a single chart I will piss and shit all over the floor.

good in aesthetic but easy to use