What Makes a Quality Chart?

I don’t think I need to elaborate (except i did have to).

You really do need to elaborate


Presumably a charter

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I was wondering what contents make for a “Quality Chart”, like patterns or how accurately it’s charted or something along those lines, and what’s more important. I know people have different opinions on this but i just wanted a general view on what smarter, more experienced people think.

The contents of a quality chart is more the lack of objectively bad content, which is mainly pattern imbalance like extreme diff spikes, incorrect sync, audio quality, etc.
Everything else is up for interpretation, as with all arts and in general you can take the same concepts of what makes quality music. “If it works, it works” and there is no universal perfect answer.

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a quality chart has purpose

Replayability is a big factor. Making a short chart that can be used as a good trainer for patterns can make your chart great. That being said, long charts can be great and replayable too. Take some long stamina maps for example, like Wiosna’s The End or IcyWorld’s countless long DJ Sharpnel jump/handstream maps.

Charts should have a purpose, as poco said. Why are you charting it and do you think it will hold up? Do you think that this chart you’re making is worth completing and uploading?

Playtesting is important too, make sure YOU find your patterns fun to play. If you don’t- change the pattern. A tip is to take inspiration from other patterns you find fun, maybe try replicating it, and changing some things up a bit to make it more interesting.

Structure’s important, make sure your chart has a good structure. Consistency is something that makes a chart quality. That goes for the difficulty and patterns. Sharpnel Instrumentality Project is a good idea of structure and consistency. If a chart is constantly changing patterns it can be dizzying, but maybe that’s the purpose and the consistency of it.

And most importantly:

Time and patience. No explanation really needed here. A good chart takes time.


A quality control chart is a graphical representation of whether a firm’s products or processes are meeting their intended specifications. If problems appear to arise, the quality control chart can be used to identify the degree by which they vary from those specifications and help in error correction..


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