What is your hand position when playing Etterna (spread)?

Curious to know what kind of playstyle people have.

  • Wrist Up, Elbow Up
  • Wrist Up, Elbow Down
  • Wrist Down, Elbow Up
  • Wrist Down, Elbow Down/Forearm Down
  • One Hand Wrist Up, Another Wrist Down
  • Hybrid/Transitional (Wrist Down for Acc, Wrist Up for Jacking, etc.)

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For reference:

Types of hand positions

Wrist Up, Elbow Up (example: Etienne)

Wrist Up, Elbow Down (example: itsjake)

Wrist Down, Elbow Up (example: SillyFangirl)

Wrist Down, Elbow Down/Forearm Down (example: Staiain)

Hybrid (example: Shoegazer)

There are more specific details that can be added, but in general, wrist up and wrist down with elbow/forearm placement seems like a fair way of dividing the different types of hand positions.

EDIT: Recreated the poll to include voters.

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I voted here.

Do u have the answer key so i dont fail

i think its a -24 but idk im not that good at math

The closest thing I’ve seen is Etienne’s video here detailing the advantages of both wrist up and down: https://youtu.be/jz-b7qo9nyo?t=84

wrist up elbow up pinky broken

I play pinkies out like a proper gentleman

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wrist up elbow up for speed/control and wrist down, elbow up for stamina