What if pack leaderboards

Rating leaderboards similar to the global one, but just limited to one pack(e.g. minty1 leaderboard, mizuki leaderboard, nbjs4 leaderboard etc etc). Thoughts?

First suggested by attang.


So what would be the categorization for placement? Most amount of high ranking scores per song? How would the take into account acc players? Not exactly sure what purpose this is supposed to fill

I’d guess the ranking is calculated with the same algorithm as for the global leaderboard, but including only scores from the specific pack. It would take into account acc players the same way the global leaderboard does (i.e. not at all I think).


One is to allow/incentivize localized competition. You gain global rating by playing any ranked songs, which means you don’t really have to compete with anyone close to you on the packs you play, you could simply just go farm some obscure songs. Within a pack everyone plays the same restricted pool of chart.

Another benefit is that you can (sort of) normalize pack underratedness, if someone consistently puts out underrated charts then their packs would not be playing a large role in the global leaderboard. By having an additional per-pack leaderboard the underrated charts in there gain significance as they contribute to your per-pack rating in your leaderboard.

again all credits goes to attang for suggesting it first, as a generalization of the dansu concept

I love this idea

This seems like a success imo

say things inside the thread

i like the idea very cool thank you providence

It would be cool if you could favorite a pack just like you can a specific file.

cool idea but don’t we already have pack ratings which serves similar purposes?