What are the shortcut to all the song select stuff and the shortcut for when you're playing too

I watched some Etterna vids and I say to myself “How do you restart?” and I press every keys on my keyboard and it doesn’t work. Idek if you can pause it, also how do you get back to the menu screen so I don’t have to close the game and launch it again just to change my keybinds.

Also i forgot to mention that I’m pretty new to Etterna. But I have played FNF and i can FC hard songs on that if I practice but not that match but it is more lenient than Etterna so it’s easier.

You can’t pause.
You can bind Restart Gameplay to whatever you want in Key Config.
You get back to the menu screen by hitting ESC a bunch of times.
If you havent already i highly suggest you watch Etienne’s 1 Minute Etterna Tutorial.