We Are The Sound (pack release)

Download link if the banner isn’t working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7763gx220zib3e/We%20Are%20The%20Sound.zip?dl=1

We Are The Sound is now released.

It’s been 3 years since my first pack (untitled_unrevised), and 2 years since my second pack (recasted_rewritten). I’ve been delaying this pack for a really long time because of personal insecurities, but various people have told me to release the pack publicly in one way or another, so I will here.

We Are The Sound is a pack of 25 charts, containing charts that I’ve initially created mostly from June 2018 to January 2019 (Floating Point and Never Meant are the only exceptions). The pack is mostly a potpourri, though most charts here would technically fall under jumpstream, stream, or “technical” (not particularly off-the-walls technical, usually just broken chordstream, heavy minijack usage, or lots of bursts). Most people that have playtested this pack consider most of the charts in the pack to be “very clean”, though to what degree they’re influenced by how I look at charting I can’t say.

Most charts here also fall around the 19-23 difficulty range, which means that intermediate-level players should be able to approach 80% of the pack.

There are various recharts in this pack, but every rechart in this pack is a significant revision over their original counterpart. The only exceptions to these are A Quick Death and SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK, in which both recharts in this pack are made to fix major unnecessary difficulty spikes in their original charts.

Dump charts are in the Beginner difficulty slot, and non-dump charts are in the Challenge/Oni difficulty slot. Dump charts are also differentiated through a pink Wiosna CDtitle (the non-dump CDtitle is grey).

No chart descriptions because no one really reads them anymore and Etterna has a chart preview function that everyone should use.

The people that I’d like to credit would be way too long to list, so I’ll try to limit it to the ones that I feel have been most important: Tim/Valedict, Vortex, Abraxos, Guilhermeziat, most of the active US Mania server. Thanks for being there for me when I needed to vent about how much I think I suck at this cartography garbage.

Thanks to all of the playtesters as well, especially Foxfire for playing through the pack without vomiting instantaneously. Big thanks to every player or charter who has supported and/or critiqued my works over the past few years.

Aside from Never Meant and a few revisions, I haven’t charted in close to 10 months, so I guess that this pack will be my swan song. Enjoy, and remember to keep the aspidistra flying.


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edit: pretty fun files for acc

you’ve got some real bangers in this one

I just hope the 64th elevator is still in AQD. Also nice to know the CDtitle difference, since all those little details usually end up obscured :slight_smile: