Using a PS4 Controller to play Etterna (UPDATED)

New note: Deleted the old one because I made mistakes on it that I’m too lazy to edit

Hello again!

Today I managed to play Etterna using my PS4 controller and to be honest, it was a pain but fun. This was just a little something I wanted to share about because I might not be the first one to play Etterna with a controller but I might be the first one to play Etterna with a PS4 controller. Here is the link to the software I used.
Link (PS4):

I’ve also tried this with an Xbox controller and its much more easier than the PS4 controller and I will also link the software I used for it below.

Link (Xbox):

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!

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I’m able to just plug my PS4 controller into my pc and go into the settings menu of etterna and bind the buttons. is there any reason your PC is acting strange? Same with Xbox, you shouldn’t need a third party for either of these…

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