[UPDATED] Osu!mania's Dans and stuff Pack i made for some reasons... that's a lot

The pack was like:

  • Dan ~ Reform ~ 2nd Pack (all of them including Epsilon of course)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ 1st Pack (all of them)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Alter ~ V1 (all of them)
  • 4K LN Dan Courses v2 ~ Level 1,2,3 and Extra and Final (basically all of them)
  • another random 4k LN Dan pack but it mostly has Camellia’s songs (ouch, you hear the fingers crying from here)
  • Dan ~ NND ~ Stamina 1st Pack (all of them)
  • Dan ~ NND ~ Stamind 2nd Pack (all of them)
  • an “ETA” Dan ~ Reform ~ (IT HAS ETERNAL DRAIN probably 3.0x speed or something, a good way to torture yourself)
  • some random 4k dan (from 1st to 10th. i don’t know how i found this, don’t ask)
  • Dan ~ Stamina ~ Expert and (i don’t know how i found this tbh)
  • Signicial’s Final Courses (all of them)
  • Signicial’s Extra Courses (all)
  • DOUNBDF~Dan~Chordjack Pack (all of them, get some of that jack)
  • Sharpnel Stamina Killer 1,2,3,4 (these are not dans but i put these in for some reasons, maybe i was REALLY on crack. Good stamina training at least lol)
  • TR1PLE DAN (all of them)
  • Vibro Dan Courses (all of them, get some of that vibro)
  • ~ Manip ~ Dan Pack (all of them, get some of that manip)

Update 1/25/2023:


Dan ~ Reform ~ 2nd Pack was by MrLanguage (which stamina maps are cut off for some reaons) so i added headpriest’s and Thaumiel’s version instead

I added:

  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Final (both Zeta and Eta)
  • 4k Tachyon Dan
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Sample Pack (all of them)
  • How to be like (a lot of people)
  • Dan ~ Vegemite ~ Pack (both 1st and 2nd one)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Non-Official (Gamma fucking crashed the converter so fuck that, yall playing the .osu file)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Alternative (all of them)
  • Kizuna’s LN Tier Alternative (numeral and prenumeral)
  • Dan ~ Stamina Test (all of them)
  • 30 Minutes Enduring Challenge Pack (epsilon dan 6 times lmao, pretty good for a warm up)
  • Dan ~ INFINITE (all of them)
  • Malody 4k Extra Dans (all)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Alter ~ Sample (all of them)
  • a random Zenith 7k Dan converted to 4k
  • 4k Real Dan (all of them)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Alter V2 (all)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Alter V0 (all of them, easier dans)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Made in Walmart (lmao)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ papu Pack (lmao)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ ??? Pack (i don’t know anymore)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ 100th Pack (pack from the future, i guess)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ 2nd (but only has ultimately hard “Theta” dan)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Nikosek Reborn (all of them)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Extra (Esea Star dan…)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ End (Omega Dan!)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ God (idk)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Ascended (yes)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Aftermath (i guess this is aftermath of Epsilon)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Extra Marathon (play from ALPHA to EPSILON, holy)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Hidden Stage (Thug Dan)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ Babuino (all of them)
  • Dan ~ Reform i don’t know (Retard Dan)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ … (Jordan Dan)
  • Cyclone of Jack (all of them)
  • Tuyu Dan (love her music)
  • FNF Zeta Dan (fnf dan lmao)
  • Dan ~ Reform ~ FNF (another one)

This now has 284 things. Of course, i love you all. Have fun smashing those poor keys lmao. Also, if i miss some good dans, tell me and i will try to update it

i will try to add more :slight_smile:

Good day to you all


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Isn’t some are in this pack?

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maybe you could add thaumiel’s finaldans?

Of course, yes

oh shit, reform 2nd has some problems

might update

oh god, more armpit sweat

-Charts are not on .sm file are .osu files so LN charts are unplayable
Use this tool to convert from .osu to .sm

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Can I download the osu file instead of the Etterna file?



wow how did my how to be like geziki got here??? i find it impressive
btw i made how to be like athanatos ! !

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