Triton Collection

This is my first pack I’ve made myself, Tried a few different things while making it
I’ve actually had this pack for awhile just never released until now since I was the only one playing it
The main reason I’m actually posting this is because people have actually asked me for this pack
So enjoy the little set I made to challenge myself
Note this was originally made with just normal stepmania in mind which is why the art is not a banner

Song List
Accelerate - Acid-Notation
BIKE - Tanger
Body Talk - Various Artists
Carl Gustaf - B-Train
Cyberia Lyr3 - Sewerslvt
DeltaMAX - DM Ashura
Destroy It - Black Tiger Sex Machine
End The Reign - Domyeah
Expelliarmus - LixianTV
Gaslamp Funworks - Kevin MacLeod
HALL OF FAME - Prompto
I’m being reelistic - Omnitica
JUST DANCE - Sinizter
Limit Break - Prompto
Logical Stimulus - a_hisa
NO DISCUSSION - Bearded Legend
Overkill - Riot
Raise Hell - Zardonic
Shiawise VIP - Dion Timmer
So Damn Tough (feat. VG) - Crazy Astronaut
Soulless 5 - ExiledLord
Style And Speed - Skorp
Supernova - Awake
Synth Wars - Jack O’Reilly
The Run - Various Artists
Tubro Killer - Carpenter Brut
The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet - UNKNOWN
WAR - DragonForce

Edit: removed a few chart archives that was mixed in here, whoops
Another Edit: Replaced a testing chart with an actual chart
Final Edit: Accidently left an osu conversion in here, removed it

Download: Triton - Google Drive