Tips for learning jumps?

I have been playing rhythm games on and off since like 2003ish. I have never been good with jumps. What are some tips for me to get better with those? Anything that involves double or triple chords kills me. I’ve tried running some of my favorite songs at lower rates and honestly I don’t feel like that’s helping much. Also have tried different noteskins but always come back to solo, and I generally sit around C450-550. I thought I was in the intermediate skill level but after downloading some packs here opposed to some of the StepMania packs I have from years ago, I am definitely NOT intermediate LOL

Platinum Disco in Jackin’ It To Anime OPs Pack 1 and 222 - wewewe in Etterna Explosion Excitepack were foundational for me when I first switched to playing spread. Give those a shot at lower rates.

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Once you can get into the groove of files like those at 1.0 rate, try out some easier stuff in Compulsive Chordjack Collection.

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awesome thanks so much. ill check those out for sure… i always try to do some of the songs i really like even on rates around .75-.8 and i still screw up those parts LOL