The Very Decent gold stinger Pack that People Might ACTUALLY play RELEASE

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Song difficulties are rated by Etterna Difficulties in version 0.70, rounded to the nearest whole. Proceed with caution D:
Looking for Previous Goldstinger Releases?

The Really Shitty gold stinger Pack v9
Thread contains links to all iterations of the previous 9 TRSGSPTNOWPP packs.

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not even a mlp file bad paq

Apologies for the lack of mlp files in this release.

You can find at least 1 or more mlp-related files in any of my previously released packs titled ‘The Really Shitty gold stinger Pack that NO ONE will ProbAblY play’ (There’s 9 of them in total, so take your pick).

I blame Pinkamena Party for releasing stuff that I just wasn’t too fond of charting.

oh ok yeah i was just sad cus other packs HAD SOME BANGERS

Found an issue where Etterna/sm5 in some cases will force the cdtitle to play as the background despite a different background being set in the .sm file.

Added a hotfix to downloads that forces bgchanges to the background in sm files. Seems to resolve the issue, and duly noted for future releases.

very fun files in this pack. Tem shop greatest file of the decade