The Etterna Forums Are Live!

Welcome to the EtternaOnline Forums

We finally did it, we added forums that work seamlessly with the current website user accounts.

If you want to use these forums all you need to do is be logged in on EtternaOnline and you will be automagically logged into the forums :grinning:

Since we have just launched we only have some basic categories, please use the existing categories for anything that fits them - if your post doesn’t fit those categories, post in uncategorized and the mods will decide if a new category is needed for this type of post in the future.

I hope you all have fun here, follow the sane rules of “be a good human” and the forums will become a hub outside of the discord for more streamlined conversation about all types of topics.

I really hope you enjoy the forums, and any recommendations can be put into Site Feedback - or just message me on Discord

Have fun, be good, peace!


First is it 20 characters yet is it 20 characters yet

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Thanks rop, very cool!