Terra's FNF Minipack

Been a while, huh?

So, I finally made some decent charts. Nothing groundbreaking, but I found it fun to work on it on and off for… forever :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, haha friday night funkin, cringe or whatever - I thought the music sounded cool and only picked tracks from fnf mods that stood out to me specifically, and I thought if I kept adding and adding this thing would just never get done, so I decided I’m just gonna release it as is - the charting definitely isn’t perfect, but it should be way better than my previous attempts. Because I picked songs that sounded cool, I didn’t go for the ones that were hard as balls on purpose, so some of these might be really easy (and there’s one that is hella hard… sorry)

When both characters are singing together, I gave boyfriend priority, so there shouldn’t be a LOT of stupid doubles but there are some in there I left in on purpose.

8 songs.
Each one has a “Medium” and a “Hard”, there’s one song with an EDIT chart that removes all the mines from the hard version, cuz there were a LOT of mines. easiest diff is 10 while hardest is… 18. don’t question it.

lmk what you think, I’m still trying to get better @ charting. https://files.catbox.moe/melnir.zip

if the link breaks lmk but it should be fine for a while.

[dumb errors i’ve already found seconds after uploading because i have no quality control other than myself]

  • There’s like… One extra note that shouldn’t be there in a song or two, because i’m dumb.
  • I wrote vc. instead of vs. because my brain is the size of a pea.