TempoTonic Charting Contest (Summer 2023)

Hello! I am developing a rhythm game called TempoTonic (early in development, not important) and I’m looking for talented stepartists. Now is your chance to show me your skills!

I know that good charts can take a long time to make so this thing is seven weeks long, and one chart can be enough to win it.

There’s cash prizes for the top five stepartists. I’m awarding a flat $130 to each winner.

Umm, I made a website for this and honestly I’m not sure I want to re-type everything. Please just go look at the website, thank you: Contest

Things that I know might be a bummer so I’m going to call them out:

  • You must submit a chart for one of the eight songs on that website. (I tried to give you at a decent selection)
  • No mines, rolls, or scroll-speed/bpm tricks (personal preference)
  • You are effectively licensing your chart to me (the one you submit), but specifically it’s CC-BY, so actually anyone will be allowed to use your chart still. It’s not an exclusive license.
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Weekly update:
Only two people made accounts so far. They’re gonna make some easy cash if nobody else participates.

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End of week two:
Three accounts made so far.

End of week 3, there have been 5 signups so far.
Still 4 weeks left to submit a chart, if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

Sounds like a cool side-project, but do we need another competitive 4-key rhythm game? There’s already like 8, and idk how a new gimmickless rhythm game is going to compete with the rest.

End of week 4
3 weeks left!

The deadline approaches. September 9th is the end of the contest. Is there enough time for everyone to finish their charts? Time will tell.

Alright just one last update to mention that the deadline is soon in case people forget.