[subs open] pink void

HELLO I AM MAKING A PACK it is called pink void

there is a spreadsheet <- click this for spreadsheet

u can sub to it thru my DISCORD (but u might have to add me as a friend first) @ void#0009

the ETA is… eventualy

shoutout to celeb for lots of things
shoutout to dourgent for placing 3 notes (n also lots of things)
shoutout to poco for bliss on mushrooms sync

da rules
dont send files that are like 3000 years long
nothing that is outside the realm of playability
no joke
no re-releases pls
resteps are oki if the original file sucks
i will definitely tell u to go away if ur file sucks
pls make me a gfx i am not veri good
no more nanahira
no whitey's ice tier songs
dont send me .osz's thats wAy too muhc effort

cool and good

pink post must be at least 10 characters

very coiol

Can I send a restep of your file

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no must be at least ten characters

pink void more like OSU void haha

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maybe gonna chart some spicy dnb song if i get an idea c:

so excited for this pack

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me to 10char

why did you do this

Where can I sub? UwU