[Subs open] High-Quality Rip Mega Pack

Hey everyone, Poi Moi here with a huge upcoming pack that YOU can submit to!

High-Quality Rip Mega Pack!!!

I’m hosting another pack, slightly inspired by the VGMP packs. With P.O.I. 2 being released, this project was something I’ve had in mind for a while. The title itself is pretty obvious, this is a pack for only the highest-quality of rips. The VGMP series is a, mostly technical, set of packs where people chart video game music, though I would much prefer technical files similiar to what’s in the VGMP series, dump files are fine!

What’s the criteria?

Also read what’s in the discord! if you don’t wanna read the discord, here are some extra info:

-After your file has been submitted, you will be included in a spreadsheet, which will be linked below.

-You can submit as many files as you want, overall limit for the pack is 200 songs. (Though I highly doubt we will reach that.)

-Short files are allowed too if the rip itself is short!

-among us

-Deadline: yeah

Oh here are some things to do to your files

In the SIMFILE PROPERTIES, please include it as such:
Title: Song name (including what mix it is)
Subtitle: Game the song is from
Artist: Leave blank.
Credit: You. (y’know, put you in it lol)

(Banner by Oroborius)

Click the banner to join the Discord server!
If you don’t wanna join the server but want to submit files, DM Poi_Moi on Discord!

I was gonna allow index and pad files, but I decided that it would be better if I didn’t