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Funhouse [Rasura] is a collaborative pack directed by me, Malalaika, to celebrate my first anniversary of charting. Throughout my year of charting, I have come to terms with the special part of charting; the fun of being able to translate your thoughts onto a specialized media. Quite quickly, after the help of numerous amazing charters and community members, I have found myself owning my own charts; charts I can say I unbegrudgingly threw myself into.

The objective of this pack is to push your identity; be comfortable with throwing yourself out here. Thus far, I have learned that having the ability to be confident about your work, by yourself, is important. Hopefully, I will be able to demonstrate a pack glowing with purpose, and even hopefully add some new notes to content rejected out.

Submission procedure/guidelines
Submit your chart here or to Malalaika#2437. I will then QC/QA the charts up to a mutual agreement in two stages; the first one is with my initial interpretations of the chart, and the second one is if and only if it was rejected the initial time after discussion. I do not hope to shave off too much of the chart’s purpose… so do not be afraid to discuss. I also endorse input from others.
Guidelines can be found here.
The deadline of this pack is when Andromeda collides with our very own galaxy. I am hoping to release around 30-40 files.


Have fun, and chart to your heart :wink:


Expecting charters to actually make their own GFX before they submit is a huge request, it’s normally the pack host’s job to make sure charts get GFX, not the charters. (Charters sometimes choose to make their own gfx independently but that job is normally the hosts)

Thanks for bringing this up! As per the guidelines, charters can have GFX provided for them under request. In the Discord server, there are two channels for discussion/request and the GFX itself.

“If you need GFX or GFX replacements, go to #gfx-discussion. If needed, I can step in. Let me know if you are interested in GFX work.”

Why would they have to request gfx for a chart. That’s the pack host’s job as the pack host, to make sure every chart is tidied up and polished. It should be optional to ‘request gfx’, not a rule in the guidelines.

The sentiment of requesting GFX isn’t something I was hoping would be detrimental to the pack or its submission process; I didn’t want the guidelines to act as a strict rulebook but rather as a guideline.

At the end of the day, I am fully willing to commit myself to ensuring that the pack is polished. I chose this system because I am hoping that it would allow submitters to freely inquire GFX under their own discretion. I don’t want to pervade any part of the file (outside of the chart) without being asked. I can ensure it is not an attempt to duck-shove any pack QCing :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any suggestions on what I should do instead, I am willing to hear you out! You can contact me through the forum PMs or through Discord DMs. Thanks for your concerns, Martzi.

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