[SUBS OPEN/4K] The Etterna Touhou Project (tentative name)

So, this was supposed to be announced on October 1st but uh…work and life got in the way lmao. But, here we are, a project that I kinda wanted to get around to that’s inspired by GPop’s Touhou packs. That’s right, I’m hosting a themed pack for once :>

So, without further ado, this is how the pack is going to be rundown:

  1. No dumps, this is strictly a tech pack.
  2. Original, remixes and arranges from the Touhou series and more are allowed.
  3. 20 files will be the cap for the pack.
  4. Resteps of other Touhou charts already made will be put under heavier standards as it needs to not only stand itself out from the original, but also have the quality to justify the restep.
  5. If multiple submissions of the same song is sent, only one submission of it will be chosen.
  6. Have fun! Find the right Touhou song for you and chart away! I’ll be more than happy to provide pointers and such!

No servers at the moment but you can either send submissions to somestepmaniaproject@gmail.com with the subject saying “Etterna Touhou Project Submission” or to my discord cincodemayonnaise

Enjoy and have a wonderful time <3

-James May


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