[Subs Closed] Refreshing Streams

Another pack of dumps and streams, right? Well, as already mentioned, the pack will focus on streams and dumps, which can be jumpstream, stream, speed or whatever, so be aware of that by now.
The Pack will have a limit of at least 60 songs, including submissions of up to a maximum of 3 per charter (counting me, obviously).

So, let’s going on the rules:

  • No GFX needed (only if you want) - i can make it for you too.
  • Files above 35 MSD will be ignored, not including rates obviously.
  • As said, only 3 files are allowed per charter.
  • Maps considered tech are allowed, but be careful not to turn a jack chart.

To solve any doubts and also to sub your charts, the discord link is here!

Sorry for the delay and for not being very active on discord, for now, I don’t have a notebook, something that could take a while longer to organize the pack and things like that.

well, for now I’m not going to accept submissions because I don’t have a pack at the moment, since I’ve changed my computer and it might take me a while to fix my laptop

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