[Submissions Openned] Phonk Chordjack Pack

Hello Everyone o/ hope you doing well, it’s my first time doing a forum post on Etterna, if it have some mistakes, sorry lol.

Well, me and MongolCJ started a Etterna project called ‘‘Phonk Chordjack Pack’’, which the name already says what it is about. My intention with this post is a Maps Submission, i’ll explain the Rules, it’s basic things:

  • Song needs to be within the Phonk genre (things like Murder in My Mind, Smoked out, etc)

  • You can do any kind of Chordjack Pattern (except vibro Quadwall or stupid stuff like that.) Quadhand, Quadjack, Handjack, Dense Stamina Chordjack, Anchor, whatever, feel free to use anything.

  • There’s no minimum or maximum Msd, nor Submission Limit.

  • Songs that are already being used in the project and are repeated will be added as Extra Diffs (the diff limit is 3 of the same song.)

  • File submissions will be done as follows: You can ask me on my discord anytime (I just don’t guarantee to be free all the time, I could be sleeping lol) then i can send you the Discord Server (SUBMITTED OSU MAPS IS ALSO ALLOWED). My discord: Jhown#9996

  • Have fun charting! ! !


Have a good day <3