[Submissions Open] Vela's Velato v4


#SUBTITLE:reborn like :sparkles:The Phoenix :sparkles:;

but instead of being reborn out of Ashes, it’s reborn out of me and ricetoast rounding up our rejects/unreleased singles and seeing that many of these are actually GREAT. this has given me a MANIC BURST OF MOTIVARTION. <— motivation but mispelled)

so, everyone welcome:: the Return of Vela’s Velato!!! !!! !!! !!! ! !!flotsam

(thsi is a real free poster that you can put on your wall . let’s celebrate vela 4 !)

Submission guidelines for Vela’s Velafour
Open until the merging of the Milky Way and Andromeda into Milkdromeda (est. in about 4.5 billion years), or the file cap of 44 files is reached
You know the drillbit. the focus is on dumps, especially technically demanding and Jackful (johnson).

you will receive the lethal blast force of 240kg nitroglicerin if you send:

  • long js scoring stam file, you know the ones

  • gimmick files, e.g. heavy rolld tech, fakes. please make charts For Players

  • bad song choice → arbitrary and inexact thing to define, but consider the ultimate rainbow reject to be Audacity amplifycore (goreshit, katagiri, tpaz) unless your chart is an absolute masterpiece

  • technically accurate files aren’t forbidden but they also aren’t the main focus, so i’ll be extra picky. which actually just means it will probably come down to song choice

chordjacks were formerly entirely forbidden but i have since seen the Light.

resteps are allowed but they should have a reason to exist

like the previous packs, banners/bgs aren’t mandatory as i can take care of gfx.
i can also help with syncing if needed.



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