[Submissions Open]Underground Fever

First, please read: https://tl.gd/n_1ss045q

I can’t really remember when I first came to underground music, but once I listened to them, I was deeply attracted by it.
so this is it, a project which ONLY recive underground music files, no daily pop or anime shit, this is Underground Fever baby!!!

submission rules:

  1. No strict rules on your chart, as long as there are no hard mistake (wrong bpm, wrong offset, way too overmap, etc).
  2. your music choise must be UNDERGROUND MUSIC, that means: No pop song, No anime song (OP/ED etc), No mainstream EDM song, No mainstream J-core song, No songs that are in any commercial rhythm games(BEMANI, SEGA etc). remixes are OK but no lazy bootleg (for example, those katagiri bootleg song).
  3. If you’re not sure whether a song can be in this pack, you can ask me.

If you want to submit your file, you can send it direct to me on discord (XingRen#1721), or join my discord server.

Enjoy your stepping :slight_smile:


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