[Submissions Open] Touhou Eurobeat Chordjack Project

As my first project on etterna and a taste for jacks, I decided to create a pack with both myself and other charters to create maybe one of the most dense packs (if not, no problem, what matters is the fun) anyway, explaining a bit up top it will be a project with several chordjack charts about a specific genre that would be the Eurobeat, with the theme of touhou.

The rules will be basically:

  • Charts with <19 MSD will not participate (depends if it’s fake msd, but in general they won’t).
  • Feel creative, any style of chordjack can be used in your charts, but don’t do something too stupid either, it’s not cool.
  • The most obvious of all, the chart must be at least playable from 0.7 rate or 1.0 up, files with more than 42 MSD will not participate (rates don’t count)

If you want participate, here is the Discord Server Link!