[Submissions Open] Neon Club Handstream 2

Hello, it’s Leverage.

Submissions are now open for Neon Club Handstream 2!

The main concept I plan on improving from first pack is to include a larger percentage of handstream. I included several jack and tech files in the first pack that could have been released elsewhere to replace a few files that were pulled. However, NCHS2 will be more handstream focused.

Looking for:

10-20 msd rated
high quality edm music
relatively high handstream rating
1-6 min
synced properly
no extreme hand bias
no re-releases

If the file meets the above requirements, there’s a very good chance it gets accepted.
If the file fits the pack, but needs small adjustments, it can be conditionally accepted, and fully accepted once the conditions are met.
I can take care of bg and bn, and the file limit is 3.
I will announce submission closing date when the pack is around 25 files. Looking for around 30-40 in total.

Send files through discord here:

I will regularly update pack progress here:

Have a good one.


This will be interesting

Good to see you back man.

Spreadsheet is up to date, and the pack is almost complete.
Just looking for a few more files to finish out the collection.
If you plan on sending files, please do so soon. :slight_smile:

subs close Dec 31, 11:59 PM AoE time. :alien:

Pack is released.