[SUBMISSIONS OPEN] Modern Keyboard Megapack

Modern Keyboard Megapack [banner pending]

Pack Organizer: snover
Judgement Team: snover, Skwid, Tim, Lofty

Pack Aim:
The aim of this project is to compile a (cool) (modern) variety pack. Dumpfiles and technical files are both permissible for submission. Even ‘regular’ jumpstream files may be accepted if they are interesting enough. The pack size is currently set at a range of 50-65 files. We are looking for files which are groundbreaking, seeping with identity, and unapologetically purposeful. We welcome new charters, as well as established charters to submit.

Judgement Process:
Judgement of these files will be concise to the minutiae.
Be prepared to make edits and revisions to your files. Be prepared, also, to explain the decisions you have made in your submission(s) if asked. You should be able to point to purposeful patterning moves, motifs, PR choices, expressive elements, contextual understandings, and the like when necessary. If you cannot explain your chart to us, do not bother submitting said chart. Modcharts will be rejected.
Judgement of these files will be done 10 at a time on a first come, first served basis. Judgement rounds will continue until our goals are met. The judgement status of charts will be as follows: Accepted, Rejected, Rejected Until Revised, and Pending Review. Take note of the wording of Rejected Until Revised.

Time Frame:
As for most good things, the time frame for the completion of this pack is loose, but, to ensure that a healthy motivation for submitters is maintained, we have set a working goal of 6 months to accomplish what we hope to for this pack.

Final Thoughts and Comments:
The organizer and judges for this pack all have years of experience in charting and in pack organization–putting together some of the most popular and widely played packs in the game. We hope to use our combined influence and knowledge to bring Etterna a pack that is truly of a deserving quality. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.

Submit your files using this form: https://forms.gle/ZxKEnDFeVtF3LEJcA

this was written by lofty with some minor edits because i couldnt get myself to do it ive been trying to get this done since wednesday just saying


Time to finish some files


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First batch of reviews are done: MKMP Reviews Batch 1 - Google Docs

Note that “approved” doesn’t mean “accepted” but rather that we’ll look at the files in more detail and decide later. If a file is approved we’ll keep in contact for revisions so we can work on the files together.

Apologies for the delay, my fault, was tired: MKMP Reviews Batch 2 - Google Docs

next week we are speedrunning batches ive been a lazy useless Fuck MKMP Reviews Batch 3 - Google Docs

so is there like a discord or something where i find out if a file i submitted was rejected or not

i can organize something for this soontm but for now it’s all in the batches (we (i) have been very slow and lazy but will do a bit of a marathon soon)

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can’t wait to see this pack!

Where dis at

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I submitted a chart just to let you know

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