[Submissions Open] Minecraft Pack

Hi everyone, this my second pack but it’s the first to have a theme or be open for submissions. The main goal of this pack is to have easier files for beginners as well as charting one of my favorite soundtracks. Because of the surprisingly broad nature of a “Minecraft” themed pack, I am gonna have to restrict songs to the ones found in this and thisplaylist. There may be room for a very small number of exceptions, but take this as my general rule. You really shouldn’t need to stray too far from that playlist anyway, 400 songs should be enough.

I am not going to have a large number of requirements for a submission, but as a general outline:

  • File is relatively easy (Less than 22MSD)
  • Dumping is kept to a minimum

If you would like to submit a chart, please join this pack’s discord server.

I am fine with you submitting an already released file. If there are two decent files of a song submitted, I will add them into one file with separate diffs if both of the charters are okay with it.

The deadline for this pack is November 18th, but I am going to cap the number of files at 25. I will not accept submissions if either of those are met.

Graphics are not required.

If you have any questions or would like to become a simfile judge, DM me on discord (Bamks#5882)

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