[Submissions Open] kiero!airdrop pack 1

This is the official submission for kiero!airdrop. (Volume 1/6)


  1. FNF songs are not allowed.
  2. MSD must be 11 or above.
  3. Any difficulty is allowed, but bosscharts requires 2 difficulties only. (for cuts and extensions)
  4. Bosscharts can now only have NEKO - SOLEIL+ difficulty dense. (see number 10)
  5. Minimal the dumpcharts, it’s not a dump pack.
  6. The chart must be normal-quality or above.
  7. You must have a valid CD image in your current chart, otherwise it will be declined instantly.
  8. Meme songs must be minimal.
  9. If no BG was provided to your submissions, the default will be used.
  10. Any difficulty must have it’s density rate, so here is the standards:
    EZ: 1 - 9
    EZ+: 10 - 15
    NM: 16 - 22
    NM+: 23 - 29
    HD: 30 - 38
    HD+: 39 - 46
    EX: 47 - 60
    EX+: 61 - 69
    NEKO: 70 - 74
    NEKO+: 75 - 99
    SOLEIL: 100 - 149
    SOLEIL+: 150 - 200+

This will include on the song name if there is 1 difficulty only. Also this includes on the subtitle if multiple difficulties are added. This is a density pack.

The deadline till closed submission is not yet marked; so you have the whole patience to submit the chart on the discord server or either my whole socials.
The assets for this pack must be used, unless it’s a mess. Available assets are here.

Rules may vary to change, in order to make submissions easy to accept. Please make sure you met these rules, otherwise your chart will be ignored!
Also, some assets will change, due to outdated reasons.

This pack is almost in it’s limit (11/20), so submit them quick! Deadline till submission closure will maybe occur during this warning.

Reason for this change: the new non non biyori disco groove (by Moe Shop) has an average MSD of 11 (11.22), so i had to make this change.
You can now submit lower MSDs than higher ones.

Reason for this change: Someone had 2 difficulties on a single bosschart, so i had to make this change in order to submit both cuts and extended ones.

Reason for this new rule:
I had to make some organization, so here is an example for that (see yellow circles);

This new rule depends on the chart density. (Higher it is, the difficult it can pass on 1.00x.) It may not seem accurate, so i’ll try my own best to check the density.

Bosscharts can now be seen with an animated banner, instead of the marks.
For both (or multiple) difficulties, only the highest is showned.