[Submissions Open] FNAF Pack (Name work in progress)

Yo what up b-words (politely)
This was made on the spot but I’m actually gonna work on it I promise.
Introducing FNAF pack (Name work in progress)
A pack based entirely around five nights at fredders if you like fnaf chart for fnaf plz plz thank you
fuve night at freddy it where wana be at five night freddy that where i gonna be

In all seriousness, this is mostly a shitpost pack, but serious stuff is welcomed!

squintward (he stays)


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or dm poi_moi on discord to submit.

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are you freddy for ready

Turns out the server invites are down. Though most may not care, I am remaking the server because I accidentally made it as a community server, which doesn’t let me have infinite invites.