[Submissions Open] Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy X

Hey everyone, Bitchfucker here!

What is a Bitchfucker?
A Bitchfucker is me. I make dumb files and sometimes good files!

What is Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy?
A pack series I’m working on!

What is Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy X?
Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy X is a side pack for the ongoing Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy series. Bitchfuckers Wet Fantasy 5-10 will all have themes, so any Bitchfucker files I make that do not fit those themes will go into this pack. Along with them, files from those who submit may also go in here as well. This is a shitpost pack, but I’m accepting serious files as well. There are no themes other than make whatever you want. lol i copy and paste from server info server channel


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please join, like submit literally what ever you want as long as it follows the not-so-strict rules…please…become the fucker to my Bitch.