[Submissions Closed] P.O.I

Hey everyone, Poi Moi here!

What is a Poi?
A Poi is me. I make dumb files and sometimes good files!

What does P.O.I mean?
You had to be there to know!

What is P.O.I?
P.O.I is like Lol Pack Goes Brrrrrr but actually good! My opinion in what makes a file good has gotten better over the years and months. This originally started out as a shitpost pack, but people won’t stop sending genuinely awesome files. So if you wanna be one of those people to send such awesome files, feel free to click the banner below to join the discord! I really want this to be something I personally enjoy myself more than once, so if I don’t like a file enough to play it more than once, it won’t be in the pack. Thank you!

squintward (he stays)


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