[Submissions Closed] X-Mania 2

Hey everyone, Poi Moi here!

What is X-Mania?"
X-Mania started out as a meme pack in the earlier days, like before I discovered Etterna. The pack was never finished, but years later I took a look at the pack and decided to turn it into something else. It ended up become a collection of older files that my friends and I have made. Now it wasn’t JUST a collection of older files, some of the files in the collection were either worked on, improved, or just extended with more modern charting, though this wasn’t done with every file.

What will X-Mania 2 be?
X-Mania 2 will practically be the same thing, except now YOU can submit your old stuff too!

What’s the criteria?
It’s really simple. Send files you deem as old (with files no more recent than 2021), whether they be pad files, files for FFR, old Osu!Mania files, anything old is welcomed! There is no real quality standard you need to meet, if it’s old then you have a good chance of being accepted into the pack.


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Pssssk, the submissions are closed, but you’re still free to join to see what’s going on.

nice i can finally release GUN v2

Submissions marked as closed.