[Submissions Closed] Vela’s Velato v3 - Take Back the Falls

etterna package dot 7zip…

It’s coming soon to a blockbuster near you,…,

¡¡¡Vela’s Velathree v3 the Third III, the final Installment of the Velato Saga is in the works!!!

flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end

submit your freshly harvested .sms and i will do a taste test
before You submit Consider the following guidelines

you can submit either in the submissions channel in this discord server or by dming me at velaachlorine#0702

spreadsheet with the current subs

<title> "naw this looks like a legal document </title>

Zetaachlorinepoco0317 doing calcdev

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Pack is released.