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Hello fellow gamers.
I’ve finally decided to actually make a Symphogear pack and open submissions. Let’s get straight to the point: I like the anime and the OST but noticed a lack of ‘‘modern’’ charts of Symphogear in Etterna. This is mainly due to the low popularity of the anime in the west, while it’s huge in Japan.
It’s pretty sad to see such a wide selection of really good steppable music be wasted, so I decided to take initiative and make a few charts.

Before we talk about the submissions criteria though, I will save you a lot work by linking a torrent for the lossless OST of the anime (convert the .flacs to high quality .ogg when stepping).

Rules and cool stuff:

The songs have be strictly from the Symphogear series. I will also accept songs from XDU (the gacha game).
The charts have to be at least 13 MSD.
Any charting style is welcome.
Solo charts are very welcome.
You are not required to make a fancy gfx. An HD Symphogear wallpaper will do the trick.
Stepping a Hibiki character song will increase the chances of your file being accepted by 700%.

Songs that have been taken so far:

Zettou Ame no Habakiri (Jousway)
Futurism (Celebelian) (maybe)
Edge Works of Goddess ZABABA (Nixo)
FIRST LOVE SONG (Nixo and Dourgent)
Nijiiro no Flugel (Nixo)
Orbital Beat (Sklitter)
RADIANT FORCE (hViny with my help)
Vitalization (STEPDWI)
Watashi to Iu Oto Hibiki Sono Saki ni (Nixo)
Wield a disrupt Hammer (Nixo)

Where to contact me:

You can add me on Discord Nixo#5565 or PM me on FFR

Tips to get your file accepted:

If you are a fairly inexperienced charter, please don’t try to step a 25 MSD chart with all over the place layering which I will be forced to (with great sadness) reject.
I am mainly looking for charts in the 13-23 range (in submissions), so going for that difficulty gives a higher chance of me liking the file.
If you know me personally, please tell me what songs you plan to chart so I can avoid charting them too at the same time.

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Pack is released. As such, this thread is considered complete.