[Submissions Closed] owo tappies 3

tl;dr click the banner to join the owo tappies planning discord server

Hello! it is me, the Lights, making a third owo tappies pack. But this time, you (yes, you) can be involved! While previous packs have been an invite-only sort of affair, this time around I’ll be accepting submissions from anyone interested in having their file featured in the pack.

Submission Guidelines:

While the standards for this pack aren’t overly pretentious or strict (this primary goal is for players to have fun), there are some guidelines to be aware of prior to your submission:

  • Files must be synced correctly, feature a coherent structure, and have a sensible difficulty curve. A degree of quality, consistency, and attention to detail is expected.

  • Song choices must fall into the realm of “Cute”, “Catchy”, or “Funny”. This is subjective and ultimately up to my discretion, but if your song at least loosely falls into one of those categories you should be fine.

  • Any style of chart is acceptable so long as it flows well and the pacing makes sense.

  • Your chart cannot already be featured in another Etterna pack. Files released or intended for release on FFR / Quaver / o!m / etc. are fine.

  • Difficulty should be somewhere between 10 and 30 msd with preference shown towards files in the 15-25msd range.

  • Your submissions only need to have the chart name, artist, and credit filled out, along with your preferred cdtitle. All other metadata and graphics will be filled in and replaced as needed on my end.

How to submit a chart:

All you need to do is click on the owo tappies 3 banner above, join the discord server, navigate to the #submissions channel, and put your chart in there. Once placed in that channel it will be reviewed by myself and / or one of the volunteer judges for the project and feedback will be placed in the #chart-feedback channel with either an [Accept / Reject / Fixes Required] rating (yes i stole this from FFR’s judge system. sue me). Please do not DM your charts to me directly. I will almost certainly lose them.

Time Frame:

The submission period will last until May 1st. This window may be extended as needed but you will have at least 3 months to get your files in. Once we get into May, I will start releasing playtesting packs internally to get more feedback on the submissions. At this point, I reserve the right to make minor changes to accepted files in response to feedback from playtesters. Playtesting scores and feedback will be made available in the #playtester-scores channel.

While there is no firm release date yet, I would like to aim for Summer 2024.

Anyway, thats all I’ve got. I hope to see some of the owoiest tappies ever done uwu’d in this next pack.