[Submissions Closed] lol pack goes nico nico niiiiii


This pack lol pack goes nico nico niiiiii is a pack that’s it.
This will be the sequel for brrrrrr, but this time there’s a theme. This pack’s theme is Anime/Japanese/Chinese/Korean songs. The pack isn’t just anime songs, so do not worry. Now instead of me judging everything, I will be having Red Chan judge files since she’s more strict than I am. That being said, I will still be putting the pack together. The bounty-songs channel will be unavailable during this pack’s development, so I’ve hidden it for now.

[When submitting charts/files and whatnot]
You MUST include a CD title in your charts.
If you don’t have a banner for your chart, then I’ll just add one myself, same with the bg.
And one more thing, please, if you submit a file here and it gets accepted, DO NOT include it in any other packs, if you put your charts in other packs, it defeats the need to download this pack to play them.

Please ping Red Chan when you submit your file, otherwise she will not look at it.
Keep in mind that Red is not on everyday, so she might not get to your file as soon as you submit.
Good luck, and have fun!

There is no deadline yet.

Submissions are open, if you would like to submit files for the pack, either join the server by clicking the banner, or message Red on Discord using this id: Red Chan#9814