[submissions closed] cadeira originals: 2nd season

well, i think some time has passed since my first cadeira originals pack, i really wanted to take a break, because of some incidents on the etterna server which is already solved and there is nothing to say about it, anyway. i opened requests for the new originals chair to try to get back active even if half stopped maybe? but it would be nice to go back as it was before a little bit

to submit is quite simple the rules:

  • gfx is not required, it’s up to the charter’s choice
  • I will only accept charts with <35 MSD (ignoring the rates, in this case)
  • this pack will focus on dump and jacks, so stamina charts (jumpstream and some shit) will be ignored depending on how the patterns are

for the rest we can talk on discord, i also need a gfx for the banner in case someone will help me out

in general, just call me on discord: @eyecure, and we’ll talk about it.