[Submission Closed]DongShaoZhou Entertainment

Hi XingRen here.
Some of you may know my second name DongShaoZhou (or DSZ for short) by my persional packs, tera’s packs or the latest valedump 3. but in original this name is only for some very overdumped files and havent been used for like a year.
recnetly I have improved a lot in stepping this year and explored many i considered “fun” patterns totally unlike my other files. so i’d like to restart my second name to be complitely experimenting various patterns by this new pack.

new cdtitle to restart↓

so here are some rules for submission:

  1. dump is allowed, joke file is not allowed.
  2. reduce the ues of hands and quads, we are not looking for very high density files.
  3. feel free to explore various of patterns as long as they are fun and fit to your music.
  4. be creative, no simple traditional jumpstream or chordjack files like being seen in 10 million other packs allowed.

as for deadline i’m not determind it yet but i concidered this pack be around 20~30 files and may close it whenever it hit that number.
you can send your files direct to me (XingRen#1721) or join my server.

hope you enjoy your stepping :slight_smile:


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