Hello, I’m going to do the SMOC EXTRA package this time.
It may feel different from the existing SMOC.
Please think of it as a package that you can participate in lightly.

  1. We don’t accept videos about bg.
  2. BG 1280x720 / BN 512X160, please.
  3. Please make sure there is no empty space for more than 20 seconds.
  4. Please write the title, subtitle, and artist in English.
  5. Files submitted to other packages are not allowed. (Possible if remade)
  6. Meaningless LN file, landmines file are rejected.
  7. Reject files with major flaws that have not been modified by minor modifications.
  8. There is no limit to the number of songs submitted.
  9. Genre: Freedom, Pattern: Freedom / offset and BPM must be accurate.
  10. Photographs exposed to body parts are prohibited.
  11. No Korean songs. (Copyright)
  12. The difficulty of the song is also free.
  13. Unable to share wip.ver.
  14. We don’t accept songs that are too short. At least 30 seconds.

I will submit it by May 31st in Korean time. After that, it will be released after reviewing the modifications by June 6th.

sub closed thx

When and what was the last SMOC pack released?

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SMOC9’s external hard drive is broken… We need to recover, but the organizer is busy, so we’re behind.

Pack is released.