Stream improvement

Looking for advice on how to improve with any stream stepfiles. I can complete stuff in the 13-15 area and get A and some B ratings. But I’ve noticed some files are just to fast for me, is it just a matter of practicing with increasing BPM? I play on around 800-880 right now so I’m not really sure if its helping me to improve with some of the songs. Anything else that can help other than playing a lot of stream files?

Right now you’re still at the stage of learning how to recognize stairs and chords into blocks and streams of patterns. Playing only index/pad (sharpnelstreamz, tachyon, etc) for streams up to like MSD 16 is fine. Most index files also have bpm values that can be easily extrapolated (I’ll elaborate on it later) . Your scroll speed is more than sufficient for learning streams.

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