.STEP // PROJECT [Submissions open]


Spreadsheet: Link

Submissions: Discord -> Celebelian#0746
(I’m doing my organization via DMs and the spreadsheet,I’ll watch the thread but it’s best to contact me directly)


.STEP // PROJECT is a pack with a focus on cyberpunk inspired music, this means I’m looking for songs with a futuristic feeling or that relate to cyberpunk media like the OST of Ghost In The Shell, Cytus II, …

I’m taking my time in making this pack as good as I possibly can without any rush.

Work started in September 2018 and I’ve been stepping almost every day - to give you an idea of the level of effort i expect.

Release timing should be late 2019.

- I suggest you send songs you’d like to step to me first (I’m picky sorry) via Discord
- Song length: 1:30 - 7:00 mins (+/-, depends on the file)
- Difficulty: 15-27 (+/-)
- No joke files (I already took care of that)
- Don't send me shit like Kavinsky, let's keep it interesting
- I'm extremely critical of my own files so expect the same for yours
- Dumps are ok!
- No file limit set (yet), send me anything you want but if you keep shitposting I'll ignore you
- I'm open to collabs
- No re-releases, watch out for resteps as well


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